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trilingual story teller

My vocation :

To Create and live up connexions between cultures languages and nature

On beautiful natural spots

in movement with the public, travelling with the sounds of the river, the sounds of the languages, weaving stories between humans and entities of the nature like fairies, pixies and other magic beeings in the "Enchanted Walks"

A fluid experience of Europe grounded on beautiful nature... My specificity as a storyteller is to play local legends in French, Dutch, English, with a slide show.

An other way to experience the universality of the stories

On literature workshops

taking byroads to the creation process whose waiting to blow up inside each personn... Sinds 4 years with the department of Literature « Maison Gueffier » of the national theatre « Scène Nationale le Grand R » in la Roche sur Yon, I create and give workshop for adults and childrens... I am a cultural median for the public to the contempory authors who are coming during the cultural season.