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Theatchers from Lycée Pierre Mendès France(85) et DcNassauCollège (The Nederlands) 9 mars 2010

We invited Fabienne Martineau, a trilingual storyteller, on EUROPEEN DAY, March 9th, to take part in our activities during the weeklong exchange visit between Dr Nassau College (42 pupils from the Netherlands ) and our school (42 pupils from the lycée Pierre Mendès France ). Normally she works outside in a beautiful spot nearby but she kindly adapted to an interior setting because of the wintry weather. Firstly she told us THREE LOCAL LEGENDS in DUTCH, ENGLISH and FRENCH WITH A SLIDE SHOW ! Then we ventured outside in the cold and the wind to stand beneath a tree to observe it and give our impressions which led onto some HISTORY OF ART with the DUTCH PAINTER Piet MONDRIAN inside we set out on two hours of CREATIVE WRITING, phrases trilinguesmixing Dutch and French students and the three languages. The finished texts were displayed for everybody to see. The afternoon was a GREAT SUCCES ! and we hope to repeat this activity for the next exchange in Spring 2011.
Ann Fournier, English teacher at the Lycée Pierre Mendès France.

WE, a group of 42 DUTCH STUDENTS (fourth-formers, 15/16 years old)from Dr Nassaucollege (Assen - The Nederlands) and their 3 ACCOMPANYING TEATCHERS attended a very interesting afternoon with Fabienne Martineau on Tuesday 9th March 2010. The event took place as part of an annual exchange programme between the Lycée and our school in Holand. Fabienne usually organizes her workshop in the open air, but due to the extreme cold this year she was obliged to stay within the walls of the Lycée. It was FANTASTIC to see how she managed to grip the attention of a group of no les than 84 pupils for a whole afternoon by telling stories in 3 languages (French, English and Dutch) and HAVING THEM WORK TOGETHER ON A POETRY PROJECT ! Without giving away her secret we can state that the pupils were very active that afternoon :

  • atelier d'écritureThey listened to stories in 3 languages
  • They watched a theatrical event
  • They listened to songs
  • They performed writing assignments in 3 languages, both individually and in groups
  • They tapped new sources of imagination and creativity

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing Fabienne in her "natural habitat" Le Piquet next year…
Merci Fabienne !
Jan van der Leek (english teatcher)- Ellen Heikens (french teatcher)- Marianne Bakker (french teatcher)


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